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A Legacy in Every Letter: Why I Named My Business after My Dad

When it comes to naming a business, the choices are endless. For me, the decision was deeply personal and heartfelt. I chose to name my business after my dad. When I decided to start my own business, I knew I wanted it to be more than just a name on a signboard. I wanted it to be a homage, a tribute to the man who shaped my values and inspired me to pursue my dreams. Naming my business after my dad is the perfect way to honor his legacy.

A fun and supportive father

My dad holds a special place in my heart, a unique figure who left an indelible mark on my life. His eccentric personality either made people shake their heads in confusion or laugh out loud. He effortlessly combined fun and intelligence in a way that made every moment with him unforgettable. From him I learned the values of hard work, honesty, directness, and self-empowerment. He showed me how to stand up for what was just and true.

Although he was not a master of impersonation, he’d still take on the persona of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator, even with complete strangers, turning ordinary moments into hilariously memorable ones.

Along with his wisdom, he had a penchant for the comically absurd, often sharing his stash of dad jokes that never failed to bring laughter into our lives. Through the years, he remained a pillar of unwavering support, his understanding transcending even the most perplexing choices I made. My dad was more than a parent; he was a friend, a mentor, a joker, a protector and a source of unconditional love that will forever shape the person I am.

A life devoted to his passion

My dad was not any ordinary person. He dedicated his life to the study of insects as an entomologist. His passion for these tiny creatures was infectious, and his knowledge was awe-inspiring. Every time he spoke about insects, especially the ones he collected personally, his eyes would light up, and his enthusiasm was contagious. His career was more than a job; he dedicated his life to government service in Oregon and California, helping to protect the agriculture of both states from invasive pests.

Entomology as a hobby was his lifelong journey of exploration and discovery. I have fond memories of wandering the woods with him, searching for Coleopteran beetles. His collection of these beetles, from all over the west and places like Ecuador in South America, was his pride and joy. Our family donated it to the California Academy of Sciences, and other entomologists use it for study to this day. He published many scientific papers, discovered new species and was well respected by his peers.

Gone too soon: a heartbreaking loss

Life often throws unexpected curveballs, and one of the most devastating moments came in 2011 when my dad passed away. His departure was sudden, yet the imprint of his presence remains strong. His memory and his unwavering support are always with me. I carry his spirit with me every day.

More than a name

Naming my business after my dad is a way to preserve his memory. Every letter of the business name is a thread connecting my journey to his. It’s a way to say that he is always with me, inspiring me to create, explore and remember that we’re meant to live life to its fullest. By striking out on my own journey, I’m celebrating my dad’s life, his dreams and his undying love for his family. Through it all, his legacy lives on.


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