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Welcoming Oakum: A Journey of Longing, Patience and Puppy Love

  • Oakum

Have you ever felt that a certain someone was missing from your life? That’s exactly how I felt before Oakum came bounding into our world. Born on April 22, 2022, this little furball has brought immeasurable joy and warmth to our home. But the story of Oakum’s arrival is more than a tale of puppy cuddles; it’s a story of hope, perseverance, and the connection between humans and their furry companions.

My journey with pets spans a lifetime. Over two decades, we had our fair share of four-legged friends, both cats and dogs. Each left their pawprints on our hearts. But life moves on and pets age, and in 2016, we found ourselves without the pitter patter of canine companions. I missed having a dog. However, living in a small apartment, I knew it wasn’t a good place for the large-breed puppy I wanted.

Time flew by, and in 2018 we left Oregon and started a new chapter in Missouri. With dreams of a spacious yard and a playful pup, we set our sights on a house that would accommodate my canine dreams. As fate would have it, the path was not so straightforward. The hunt for a rental house that fit both our budget and our hopes for a pet-friendly haven proved to be more challenging than expected. A quaint cottage stole our hearts, but its “no pets allowed” policy put a hold on the puppy. We decided to lease the cottage with the understanding that it was only a temporary pause in my dog-loving journey.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t temporary, and 2021 ushered in a decision to return to Oregon. Once again, the quest for a dog-friendly haven proved elusive within our rental budget. The solution? We decided to become homeowners. Finally, a place where my canine dreams could come to life! In June 2022, we moved into our new house, a place where Oakum’s pawprints would soon mark the start of a new chapter. You might wonder why we waited so long, why we embraced a six-year dogless period. The reasons were many – life’s twists, turns and unforeseen hurdles. But when Oakum wagged his way into our lives, every second of waiting felt worth it.

Oakum, a mischievous, mostly Malamute (with a dash of Siberian Husky) puppy, became our newest family member. His arrival filled our home with a blend of nostalgia and giddy laughter. As we watched him grow, his antics often mirrored those of our past dogs, bringing up bittersweet memories of them. The pandemic had changed the way I work, and now I worked from home. This was so different from having a dog and going to work every day. We realized that we didn’t need an outdoor dog run. Instead, Oakum needed a different kind of space – an indoor crate for shorter stints alone at home.

While two dogs had often been a part of our past, Oakum’s arrival shifted the dynamic. He became the center of our attention, captivating us with his endearing quirks, boundless energy and a heartwarming friendliness that knew no bounds. His goofiness and wagging tail became constants, lighting up our lives in ways we hadn’t felt in years.

Now, at a year and four months old, Oakum has grown from a fluffy bundle of joy into a charismatic and loving member of our family. His presence has added new dimensions to our lives, teaching us to appreciate each moment, whether it’s the playful leaps in the backyard, the quiet cuddles on the couch or the mischievous twinkle in his eyes.

Join us on this adventure with Oakum – a journey of discovery, growth and unconditional love. I invite you to stay tuned for regular updates on our beloved pup, as we share the joys, challenges and heartwarming moments to come. After six long years, Oakum has woven his way into our hearts, reminding us that patience, persistence and the pitter-patter of canine paws are well worth the wait.

Watch Oakum grow!

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