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The “Who” of Penrose Professional Services

Hi there! I’m Anisa Bear.

A windy day at Craters of the Moon National Park and Reserve in Idaho
At the top of Iron Mountain in Oregon

I honestly can’t remember when I wasn’t reading. I wasn’t the child that played with a lot of different toys or dolls. I was pretty happy with books, Breyer horses and our family dogs, of course. My fascination with animals early on led me into animal care and training as a first career. But guess what – even in that world I was the communicator. I enjoyed writing articles for the Animal Keepers’ Forum, which is the American Association of Zookeepers’ journal. I gave presentations at animal conferences, designed tours of the wildlife park where I worked, wrote newsletters and was a resource for my coworkers for editing. I really wanted guests to learn while they were having fun.

I’ve been copy editing and proofreading since college. While there, I learned that I had a knack for seeemlessly blending everyone’s writing in team projects, making the final document read like it was written by one brilliant author. I’ve improved all sorts of professional documents across many different industries. From technical reports to marketing materials, procedures to business proposals, I’ve made them sound great and create a lasting impression. I also work with graduate students, copy editing their papers.

In 2016, I discovered plain language writing and editng and began focusing on making documents and websites easy to understand. I aim to turn complex ideas into simple, clear language that anyone can grasp effortlessly the first time they read it. Curious about what that might look like for a complex concept? Check out this page.

My writing skills are like a well-stocked toolbox, ready for any task. I use words effectively while crafting engaging blogs, easy-to-follow how-tos, or informative fact sheets. In guidebooks and checklists, I organize information into clear paths for my readers to follow. I especially enjoy the technical realm of health care, both for humans and animals. I excel at translating complex concepts into understandable language. With my versatile skills, I paint pictures with words, guiding my audience with clarity and expertise.

Beyond the pen, I’m proud of developing caring and supportive relationships with my clients. I understand the importance of your written content and the impact it can have on your reputation and success. As your trusted partner, I’m invested in your achievements and I’m passionate about helping you communicate more effectively.

When I’m not working, I bounce back and forth between reading fantasy fiction and self-development books. I’m also pretty outdoorsy and crazy about the pup at the top of this page. His name’s Oakum, and if you’re curious you can learn more about him in my blog.

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Here’s more about my work experience

The high points:

For the real detail, check out my LinkedIn profile.

  • I’ve worked in many different industries, including non-profits, private companies, manufacturing, government and health care. This experience has shaped how I approach writing and communications, giving me a unique and well-rounded view.
  • Throughout my career, I’ve written and edited impactful communications for different sectors. Some examples are press releases, fact sheets, blogs, newsletters, fundraising letters, website content, procedures, policies and marketing materials. I have a wide range of expertise and years of experience.
  • As a skilled plain language editor, I advocate for the reader. Knowing my audience allows me to create communications that are easy to read and accessible. I’m commited to creating clear communication that connects with everyone and breanks down barriers.
  • I have a bachelor’s degree in animal science with a minor in nutrition science, along with a master’s degree in agriculture and management.
  • I have fiction editing training through Edit Republic with Phon Baillie.

Enjoy photos from some of my outdoor adventures!